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Things to Consider When Selecting Your Contact Center

Updated: Feb 28

Selecting a contact center provider involves a multifaceted decision that extends beyond conventional considerations. Over my 12-year tenure in the contact center outsourcing realm, I've come to appreciate that while metrics like pricing, employee experience, and industry expertise are important, the cornerstone of success rests within the people of an organization.

Undoubtedly, people are the driving force behind every enterprise. However, enabling their success goes beyond mere assumptions—it necessitates a robust commitment to investing in their growth and development. I've learned firsthand that this investment surpasses traditional incentives; it's about fostering an environment of continuous learning and evolution.

An essential realization is the importance of leadership involvement. Owners, CEOs, and managers must actively engage in teaching, learning, and growing with their teams. Success hinges not just on individual knowledge but also on the humility to recognize that everyone brings valuable insights to the table.

Today, when assessing an outsourced call center partner, I emphasize the significance of their approach to nurturing their team. This directly reflects their culture, motivation, and dedication to delivering exceptional customer support, a critical factor in today's fiercely competitive business landscape.

The location of a service provider is an often overlooked yet significant advantage. Opting for a nearshore solution, such as Emerging Global Services, situated strategically in Sonora, Mexico, presents numerous benefits. This proximity ensures cultural alignment, easy compliance with global regulations, and a bilingual workforce proficient in English and Spanish. This not only facilitates seamless communication but also allows for cost-efficient operations without compromising on service quality.

At Emerging Global Services, our success narrative revolves around mutual support and perpetual growth. We place immense value on our team's continuous development through ongoing training and shared learning. This approach equips us to serve our clients and their customers effectively in today's dynamic business landscape.

For those seeking a partner deeply committed to fostering a supportive culture and continual development, exploring Emerging Global Services is worthwhile. Our dedication to our team's growth directly impacts the exceptional support we offer. To gain insights into our commitment to excellence, reach out at 480-630-6208 or via email at I’d like to show the power of having EGS as a partner that works with you hand in hand to support your business.

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