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An Outsourcing Company That Delivers the Results You Expect

We Care About You and Your Business

Who We Are

Who We Are

Relationships fuel our global economy, and we operate on the premise of meaningful connections result in meaningful relationships that matter in life, and in business. Therefore, every relationship and connection is an opportunity to add value for your business.
EGS is a people-centric, entrepreneurial outsourcing provider in the healthcare, sales, customer service, and technical support industries.  Our centers are unique because we are located in new and emerging nearshore labor markets, where highly educated labor is abundant, yet competition for that labor is low.  This results in low employee turnover (attrition under 23% a year), resulting in higher customer satisfaction for our clients.​

Our team listens. We listen carefully to comprehend your needs, utilizing our expertise to create customer solutions that precisely align with your goals.

What We Do

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