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The Best Approach to Converting Sales Leads and Free Trials. Think Location.

Leverage the Expertise of a lower cost (outside the U.S.) Call Center Provider whose Employees Live the U.S. Culture and Speak Exceptional English (and Spanish).

I've owned an outsourcing company for 12 years, and one of the most common questions I'm asked to consider are Sales projects (both inbound call handling, and outbound dialing and call handling). Now, I am not opposed to this type of work, as long as it is legitimate, legal, and a product or service that delivers what it claims.

Throughout my tenure, I've learned a few things about call center sales projects (for the U.S. Business and Consumer market). Allow me to outline my thoughts:

  1. Outbound calling is just plain hard. Have you ever tried to make outbound dials per hour for 8 hours straight, with the goal of achieving 8-16 conversations per hour? Or 90 to 130 conversations per day? Then, come back the next day and do it again, Monday to Friday? It is hard.

  2. Now, let's not forget the goal of these conversations. To Sell. To Convert. To Upgrade. To re-activate.  This means to close at least one per hour? Two per hour? Three or more? It is hard. Not to mention all of the rejections and hate speech the employee must endure.

  3. Now, all this being said, there are many people we hire who love this type of work. They are sales people. They know there is good money in it for those who do well. What is important to note here is "good money." 

  4. So, these types of sales projects are expensive.  But with the right team in the right location, they can be very successful. People buy from people they understand and like. Not from robots. And not from people they cannot understand.

  5. You need call center employees who love this work, who want and need to earn more money, who speak exceptional English, and who understand the culture of the people they are speaking with (the U.S. culture and mindset).

So, what are your choices?  

  1. Hire U.S. sales reps to make these calls? Too expensive, and too challenging to find and retain workers who will succeed, and who truly want to perform this type of work.

  2. Hire Sales Reps from another country whose culture seems similar to the U.S.? Just as expensive, and the accent doesn't work most of the time (Sorry Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand).

  3. Train a Robot to be your Sales Rep? Well, in 2023 this sounds great. Ai right? It works with very simple calls. But only with an exceptional Conversational Ai platform. And only with 2-4 questions for the caller to answer. However, outside of this formula, the robot can't do it. We've tried. The robot does not yet have the critical thinking skills that a human does.

  4. The State of Sonora, Mexico borders Arizona. The educated employees in this region of Mexico have family in the U.S. and Mexico. They often go to college in the U.S. They live and breathe the U.S. Culture. Simply put, they get it!ndset. Simply put, they get it! And in todays U.S. culture, a hispanic accent is acceptable, if not normal.

Well, you've probably figured by now that my company has all of its call center operations in Northern Mexico. I set up our centers there for a reason, because the employee profile is exceptional for serving U.S. consumers and businesses. So, yes I am promoting our locations. But seriously, if it is our company, or any other provider in Northern Mexico, you've started down the right path for your sales campaign.

So, you might like see and hear what our employees in Northern Mexico sound like. I think you will agree, they speak exceptional English, and customers they will be calling will engage with them. Simply put, you have the best chance of sales conversions with our reps vs. those from India, the Philippines and other foreign countries whose employee base does not live, breathe and speak the U.S. culture.

If you want to learn more about our company, simply visit our Contact Page and get in touch. 

EGS has been handling lead generation, lead conversion, customer upselling, free trial conversions, and sales across many different industries for years. We staff over 2,000 agents, of which 600 handle sales calls. We are good at what we do, and we will drive results at a lower cost that doing it yourself with a U.S. workforce, or any center in the Philippines, India or Latin America.

Steve Shefveland is the Founder and CEO of Emerging Global Services (EGS).  

3219 E Camelback Road, Suite 519, Phoenix, AZ 85018 USA. / 602-312-8900

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