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The EGS Difference

Effectively managing support centers is crucial for MSPs, and we recognize the financial considerations involved. With nearly 8 years of dedicated support for MSPs, EGS has a proven track record. Our team of hundreds of agents engages with thousands of customers daily, handling millions of tickets annually. What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence. All our agents hold college degrees, are fluent in both English and Spanish, and are exceptionally proficient.


Why EGS? 

We solve IT talent shortages for MSPs who outsource some (or all) of their Help Desk and Client Support to our teams in Northern Mexico. We solve the following problems that most MSPs experience: 

  1. Tremendous shortage of skilled IT staff willing to work support tickets and handle phone calls.

  2. The high cost of staffing technical teams, most who are based in the USA.

  3. The opportunity to deploy helpdesk assisted technology, machine, learning, and generative AI to improve the customer experience and reduce operating expenses via a trusted partner.

  4. The need to find IT staff who have the skills and experience across multiple applications and platforms.

  5. And finally, the desire to find IT workers who speak fluent English outside of the larger outsourcing markets of India and the Philippines, and a need to speak fluent Spanish for the growing hispanic market in the US and Canada.

Let's Connect

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