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Why do Managed Service Providers (MSP's) Outsource their Client and Technical Support?

The managed service provider (MSP) market has been growing significantly in recent years as the move to the Cloud makes it easier to host and manage multiple applications for a growing distributed workforce. MSPs have become experts in building and/or managing cloud services and applications, as well as developing and hosting applications that improve the bottom line for their clients. But, as Gaidar Magdanurov with the Forbes Business Council puts it:

"With the growing complexity of IT infrastructure, rising adoption of the cloud, constantly multiplying security threats, new regulation requirements, growing customer demands and a shortage of available IT talent, great demand is bringing greater challenges for MSPs."

EGS solves the IT talent shortages for MSPs who outsource some (or all) of their Help Desk and Client Support to our teams in Northern Mexico. For the past eight (8) years, we've been solving the following problems that most MSPs experience:

  1. Tremendous shortage of skilled IT staff willing to work support tickets and handle phone calls.

  2. The high cost of staffing technical teams, most who are based in the USA.

  3. The need for flexible staffing on weekends, overnights, and holidays.

  4. The need to find IT staff who have the skills and experience across multiple applications and platforms.

  5. And finally, the desire to find IT workers who speak fluent English outside of the larger outsourcing markets of India and the Philippines, and a need to speak fluent Spanish for the growing hispanic market in the US and Canada.

EGS operates four support centers in Northern Mexico. Our average IT agent tenure is two-years, and our cost model is 50% less than the cost to staff a team in North America and Europe.

If you are experiencing any of the issues outlined above, let's connect to see if supplementing all (or some) of your Help Desk would drive value.

Watch a short video about EGS by clicking on this link. Or schedule a call to discuss further here.

Steve Shefveland is the Founder and CEO of Emerging Global Services, a nearshore outsourcing company HQ in Phoenix, AZ, with delivery centers in Northern Mexico. / 602-312-8900 /

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