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The Most Important Decision when Selecting a Contact Center Provider.

Price? Employee Experience? Location? Industries?

I've read a lot of blogs and articles about this subject. Naturally I would because I've owned a contact center outsourcing company for 12 years. However, based on what I've learned during my tenure, the most important part of any company is its people, right? Well, Yes and No.

Allow me to explain. Yes, people are what drive every organization. From the founders, executive teams, investors, employees all the way to your suppliers organization and their team. However, to make people work well and be successful, you need vision, market validation, a good plan that you can execute. This requires money and time, and sweat equity. But, no one organization is successful without great people doing well defined jobs.

However, one critical thing I learned the hard way? I needed to invest in my people vs. just assuming they know how to do what you need done. And by invest I don't really mean the normal stuff such as pay, bonuses, incentives, benefits, and a fun environment. I mean you, the owner, CEO, manager, supervisor, need to have a passion to invest in them and show them and teach them. And then, maybe more importantly, allow them to teach and show you how best to do something! That's called a true team, when we all help each other to be great! This means we need to humble ourselves. The moment we simply assume someone knows how to do what we ask them to do, we might fail as a team.

So, if you are searching for an outside supplier for your call center, I would focus more attention on the management teams investment in their people. This gets to their culture, what drives them and motivates them. At the end of the day, success of your customer support will be dependent on the people handling this work of you. And they are only as good as the management team supporting them.

I can truly say that at Emerging Global Services, we all help each other when it comes to serving our clients and their customers. This is something that has taken time to build, but well worth the investment. We spend must of our team each week on training, and teaching and showing and developing each other.

You might like to view a short video of some our our employees talking about their job.



Steve Shefveland is the Fonder and CEO of Emerging Global Services in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. / 602-312-8900.

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