• Steve Shefveland

Cirrus and EGS. Your Customer Support Solution that Beats COVID-19.

Emerging Global Services (EGS), a leading nearshore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider deployed work@home in two-days leveraging the Cirrus Response Cloud Technology Platform.

As an entrepreneur and founder of a nearshore call center business, it is not uncommon for me to wake up at night and think, "is our organization truly prepared for a disaster?" Yes, we have risk-mitigation and disaster recovery plans in place which we test quarterly. "But, are we truly ready?" Well, thus far COVID-19 has demonstrated that "yes, we are."

However, it is almost impossible for any call center to implement disaster recovery without great technology solutions and partners behind the scenes who make these deployments secure, reliable and easy.

Over a year ago, we partnered with Cirrus Response, an omni-channel Cloud Contact Center Solution (CCaaS) as part of our risk-mitigation strategy. Specifically, core to our disaster recovery plan was a need to quickly deploy work@home agents in a PCI DSS and HIPPA compliant manner. The Cirrus cloud telephony solution solved the following problems during our work@home deployment just two weeks ago:

  • A highly secure desktop that complies with PCI DSS and HIPPA standards, resulting in end-to-end compliance for our clients who depend on our agents from a work@home environment;

  • A fully redundant, highly scalable platform with real-time fail-over across multiple data centers in North America, resulting in 99.999% uptime;

  • A complete suite of critical call center applications built in (IVR, Recording, WFM, Social Chat, Email, Voice, Self Service) and via API (external), available "on demand"; resulting in our ability to maintain high Net-Promotor Scores (NPS).

Lastly, we chose Cirrus because they cater to BPO's like EGS, serving major brands such as Tesla, Virgin and Allica Bank. They have the same needs as any other call center when it comes to work@home and risk-mitigation. So, our company cultures think alike when delivering critical services for our clients.

The overall result of our call center response to COVID-19 was that we deployed over 250 agents into a work@home environment in two days! Without the right technology partner, this would have been impossible. Yes, we had practiced and tested our plans in the past, but never this many agents in two days.

If you'd like to discuss a risk-mitigation solution for your contact center, or you need agents on-demand due to Coronavirus, please email me at steve@emergingglobal.com, or call me a 480-630-6208. If you would like to learn more about Cirrus and their cloud technology solution, I am happy to share more details and connect you to the right people.

Steve Shefveland

Founder & CEO

Emerging Global Services


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