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Automation and Ai in a Call Center. Does it Work?

Well, Yes. But it Requires the Right Use Case.

Does your company operate a call center? If so, are their tasks you want to automate to save money and improve service?

EGS is a nearshore call center. Companies of all sizes outsource some (or all) of their call center (Help Desk, Customer Support, Sales) to our teams in Northern Mexico, due to our low cost, highly educated agents, and 12 years of experience.

However, lately we've been saving our clients even more money by automating some of their tasks. Yes, it is a form of Artificial Intelligence (Ai). However, when applied correctly, it works!

For example, recently we helped one of our clients automate their process of appointment confirmations. They know appointment no shows are a big deal and impacts revenue. They've been confirming appointments the old fashion way, by having employees make these calls. However, their employees are backed up with so many tasks and other work, they cannot focus on this 100%.

Now, one might think "gee, you can do this via the email, sms and automated calls." And, yes, that is true. But, it has been validated the success rate of email and sms channels is low, when compared to the success rate of an outbound phone call and subsequent voice message which may be transcribed into a text message. Because we currently handle most of their existing customer support call center activity, we encouraged them to let us automate this task via Conversational Ai (natural language and tone vs a computerized tone). Leveraging our platform, which connected to their customer calendar database, we've been able to automate almost 70% of these calls. The other 30% are still handled by our call center staff.

Or, schedule time on my calendar by clicking here! Or, feel free to email me at, or simply call me at 602-312-8900, and let's discuss.


Steve Shefveland is the Founder and CEO of Emerging Global Services based in Phoenix. 3219 E Camelback Road, Suite 519, Phoenix, AZ 85018, USA.

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