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A Disaster? Well, that's the Least of my Concerns Right Now.

How will you maintain Business Continuity when the next disaster hits your Customer Support Contact Center?

If an Earthquake hit right now, would your customer support center remain active, with no issues of any kind?

I doubt it. Unless you have a back-up call center (outside of the disaster zone) that is actively handling your calls, in tandem with your current support center.

Well, you say, our call center is in the Philippines, or back East in a "non earthquake" zone, so we are good. Well, did you know that earthquakes can hit almost anywhere, anytime? What about tornadoes and tsunamis? Not to mention hurricanes (typhoons in the Eastern Hemisphere), building fires, wild files, domestic disturbances, lightning, flooding, and hail. Thus far, I've not mentioned the next pandemic, or the next cyber security attack that brings down your call center.

Lastly, did you know most disasters are not natural? They are associated with hardware failure, human error, and software failure.

Yes, disasters happen. All the time. No, I'm not selling insurance. I'm simply recommending a practical business continuity plan (a back-up call center partner) when the next disaster strikes. It will. Are you ready now?

Emerging Global Services operates multiple contact centers in Northern Mexico. For 12 years, we've been acting as a back-up call center parter for many organizations, across multiple industries, world-wide. We have built-in redundancy and fail over (in real time) within our own business. And we are located in a natural-disaster free zone (the Sonoran Desert).

If you need a back up call center, we can help you quickly, easily, cost-effectively, and in a simply and hassle-free manner.

By The Way .... check out this great page the Small Busienss Association put together to help organizations plan for disasters. I ran across this doing some research and thought I would share it. Click Here.

Steve Shefveland is the Founder and CEO of Emerging Global Services in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. 3219 E Camelback Road, Suite 519, Phoenix, AZ 85018. / 602-312-8900.

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