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Your Business Automation (Ba) and Customer Experience (CX) Platform,
Powered by EGS

A Business Automation (Ba), Busienss Intelligence (Bi) and Customer Experience (CX) platform, Powered by EGS, can automate many routine tasks and phone conversations which, until recently, required significant manual labor.  


With large scale adoption of machine learning (essentially, the training of software algorithms) that simulates human conversations which sound natural (Natural Language processing, or NLP), along with routine tasks (which easily sorts documents, views websites and updates databases), EGS has helped our clients drive productivity and efficiencies across their customer support enterprise, and have improved the customer experience journey for those customers who want answers and support questions handled immediately.


It should be noted these deployments did not eliminate the need for customer support or back office employees 100%, but they have reduced total staffing needs, and the need to overstaff (a common cost for contact centers). 

Below are examples of the technology solutions we are deploying.  Although we have a lot of experience in the healthcare, medical, SaaS, lead generation, and insurance verticals, our business automation tools can be applied to almost any industry. 

Automated Lead Qualification.

Generate leads via digital marketing and let interested customers fill out a form asking for a call back.  Within seconds, our conversational NLP tool will call your prospect and ask them a short set of qualifying questions, with the goal of pre-qualifying them before transferring to a live agent. Although this idea is not new, the deployment of the right Ai tool and natural language tone is critical to success.

Automated Medical and Healthcare Conversations.

if you are in the healthcare market, our tailor-made conversational Ai solution leverages a proprietary medical and pharmaceutical database which not only transcribes messages and live conversations into text in real-time (secure and accurate, vs. Chat GPT which is unecured, non-HIPAA, and not accurate), but also can be applied to any number of markets and industries to reduce labor costs.

Automated Healthcare Appointment Reminders.

If you rely on appointments for your business (such as healthcare), our platform integrates with all of the EMR's and most CRM's, pulling in the appointment data and making these calls automatically using conversation Ai, thereby reducing the work load of your current employees, and securing more revenue based on confirmed appointments.

Automated Health Insurance Pre-Authorization Tasks.

If you are in the insurance, pharmaceutical or healthcare industry, and perform health screenings for patients who need specific pharmaceutical prescriptions, our platform can automate many of the manual labor tasks associated with insurance pre-authorization, thereby reducing the number employees necessary to perform these tasks, and improving the time to process pre-authorizations exponentially.

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